Infant-Toddler Teacher Network

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We are a collaborative group of teachers who work with children from birth to 36 months. Our network provides professional development, networking, community, and support for infant and toddler teachers across New Mexico.

Also Seeking Network Leads!

Interested in leading a Network group? Contact us for more info.

"Being part of the Infant-Toddler Teacher Network has allowed me to expand my access to resources. More importantly it has allowed me to connect with like minded individuals who share the same passion for teaching. I am lucky to call these individuals friends and not just colleagues. The Infant-Toddler Teacher Network had given me the opportunity to share ideas, resources and gain friendships throughout the state of New Mexico."

Applications Open: April 1 – July 31, 2024

Virtual meetings Begin: September 2024

All infant and toddler teachers with any level of experience and education are encouraged to apply.

Why Join the Infant-Toddler Teacher Network?

Membership Requirements: