The Infant-Toddler Teacher Network (ITTN) offers professional development tools and opportunities for teachers who work with children from birth to 36 months.

The first three years of life is a time of tremendous growth; a vital period of brain development, when children are learning and discovering every moment they are awake. Teachers guiding children in this age group are critically important, yet support and access to high-quality teacher training for this age group can be hard to find.

The Infant-Toddler Teacher Network provides tools, information, and best practices to be used right away, tailoring the ongoing support and development to align with infant and toddler teachers’ focus. If you are a teacher working with children from birth to 36 months, or if you have a passion for this age group, consider joining the Infant-Toddler Teacher Network.

Applications are now open.

There is no cost, educational requirements or years of experience required to join.

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