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Mentee Information

Mentors are like helpful guides who provide individualized support to their mentees.  Mentors can be assigned to work with first-year teachers, practicum students, or anyone in the Early Chidlhood field who feels they would benefit from having help as they develop their teaching practice.  Here are some things mentors do:

  • Getting to Know the School: Mentors help you understand everything about the new classroom and school, like paperwork, events, rules, and how to communicate with parents.
  • Watching and Giving Feedback: Mentors watch you teach, either in person or online, and then share really helpful feedback to help you get better.
  • Talking About Your Teaching: Mentors have conversations with you at important times during your mentorship. This helps you think about what you’re doing and learn from it.
  • Learning from Experience: Mentors think about what you’ve been through in the classroom and use those thoughts to help you learn more.
  • Answering Your Questions: If you have questions, your mentor is there to help. They answer your questions in a professional, supportive, and quick way.
  • Being Positive: Mentors always see the good in you. They support you no matter what, helping you feel confident and encouraged.
  • Becoming an Independent Teacher:  Mentors help you transition from being a student or new teacher to being an independent teacher. They’re there to guide you on this journey, but mentors can also be friends for life!

For more information about the Mentor Program or being a mentee, read the Mentee Info Sheet.

For more information about the mentee program, read the Mentee Student Info Sheet.